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You can build a registration survey for your event or your 1-2-1, an application survey or a post-event survey. 

To build any of these questionnaires the only difference is the place / tab where you have to build it. 

These are the types of answer choices that are available for building the questionnaire: 

  • Explanation text: a big text box where you can write an explanation for the form or a specific question. 
  • Short text area: you can title the question, and once saved, on the survey will appear the question and a small text box where the user can enter the answer to the question. 
  • Long text area: similar to the short text area, but with a bigger text box to enter a much longer answer. 
  • Choose from a list: enter the question title and the available options, separated by comas. The user will see the question and will choose the answer from a drop-down menu. 
  • File: this field will allow users to upload a file, enter a description to let them know what file they should upload.
  • Score 1-10, Score 1-5 and Score 0-10: choose which score answer you wish to use and enter the question title. The user will see a bar to set the score to that question. 
  • Date: this field will display a calendar allowing the users to enter the date you require. 
  • Number: it will display a small box for numbers. 
  • Phone number: a field to introduce the phone number with its prefix.
  • Question title: with this field you can create an independent title, it will be useful if you want to use a checkbox answer. 
  • Checkbox: each checkbox option has to be build separately and to create the question you will have to use the "Question title". 

You can create a dependant question. For example if you want to know additional information in case they are a certain delegate type. You would have to firstly create the main question. While, then creating the dependant question, tick on "Add display condition" and select the field from the main question and its value. The main question should be a "choose from a list" or a "checkbox" field.