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We encourage you to create user types with the same name as the delegate types from your event. If the names are exactly the same, the information will be synchronised between the "event" and the 1-2-1. 

These are the delegate categories that can be activated / deactivated from "My Events"

    • Visitor
    • Exhibitor
    • Partner
    • Guest
    • Sponsor
    • Media
    • Speaker

To create user types in your 1-2-1, go to Admin 1-2-1 → Registration process tab → User types section. From this section you will be able to create, edit or delete user types. 

When you click on "Add user type" or try to edit one which has already been created, a form will show up allowing you to set the configuration for that user type. You can decide which users types are available for meeting this user and how the requests will work.