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Go to Admin 1-2-1 → Dashboard, 3rd section. As in "My Events" dashboard, you can upload a CSV file (download our example and follow the steps) or upload an attendee manually.  

Remember that an attendee and a 1-2-1 user is not the same. If you add an attendee but do not invite him/her, they will not have access. Invited and non-invited to 1-2-1

This area is password protected and the user will receive the invitation email with his password when:

  1. You say "Yes" to invite them on the "Upload attendee" CSV file.
  2. You click on "Invite now' when adding them manually one by one.
  3. By clicking on "Invite below filtered users" (filter attendees and click this button when you have filtered the ones you want to invite).

Another option is going to Admin 1-2-1 → Registration process → Survey. Here you can select "auto-register at 1-2-1 new attendees of the event". These 1-2-1 users can be registered as invited or non-invited and it is also possible to assign a user type by default. Please check our wiki for more information about Auto-registration. How can I synchronize my event attendees with the 1-2-1 solution?