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You will find analytics from the meetings, slots, and attendees. This is an example of what you will find:

  • Requests and meetings analytics:
    • Total requests (all the requests that have been done between attendees) 
    • Confirmed (arranged meetings, you can download the detailed reports from the reports tab)
    • Pending (all the requests which are awaiting a response, you can download the report from here)
    • Declined (you can download the report from here)
  • Other analytics
    • Scheduled meetings (those meetings that have been arranged by the admin)
    • Slots created (the total number of tables created for all the slots and days)
    • Free slots (the total number of tables available for all the slots and days)
    • Current suggested slots (tables that have been offer for a meeting, they are related to pending requests) 
    • Private notes
    • Clicks "Add to calendar" 
  • Attendees analytics
  • Visitor's details