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If you want to publish your event that involves both services (event + 1-2-1), we recommend varying the process flow following the next steps: 

  1. To avoid sending any kind of notification to the attendees, you will need to deactivate the emails.
    Go to "My Events" → select the one that is linked to your 1-2-1 → Automatic E-Mails tab, and deactivate those two emails:
    "When organiser registers a delegate manually who does not have an account yet"
    "When organiser registers a delegate manually who already has an account"

  2. Be sure your event is linked to your 1-2-1. Go to Admin 1-2-1 →  Basic data → Configuration section. Assign your event to the 1-2-1. 
    Check this link for more information: How can I link my website to the 1-2-1?

  3. Go to Admin 1-2-1 → Registration process → Auto-registration section. 
    Tick the option “Autoregister at 1-2-1 new attendees of event”
    We recommend you use the Non-invited option, so your event attendees will be copied at the 1-2-1 attendee list but they won't receive any automatic emails. You will be able to invite them later when you want and they will receive an email notification with their login details to start using the platform.

  4. Add or upload the attendees list to your event. As the autoregister is activated, all your attendees will automatically appear as non-invited on your 1-2-1 dashboard. 
    If you need help to upload the attendees, visit the following link: How can I add / import attendees to my event?

  5. Edit the 1-2-1 welcome email titled "When a user is invited " if you wish to. This will be the only email sent to the users. This email contains by default the login details and the 1-2-1 link used to access. 

  6. Invite the non-invited 1-2-1 attendees: 
    Go to Admin 1-2-1 → dashboard → Attendees section. Filter the non-invited users and click on "Invite below filtered users".