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Before the Event ideas

  • Send email invitation using the “Promote Event” button
  • Send email invitation to past attendees using the “Send message to current and past attendees” button
  • Share news and add comments on the Conversation section of the event page (ie: collect questions for the event discussions/panels)
  • Add media materials and share them by email and social media using the “Magic Share”
  • KEY: Encourage Speakers, Sponsors, Partners and close attendees to initiate new conversations and leave comments to other conversations
  • Invite people to follow your profile from the “Get Followers” button on your profile
  • Assign your event into your community and promote it
  • Use the “Who’s Attending” widget on your other websites
  • Gamification ideas (ie prizes for the person who shared the event the most)

During the Event ideas

  • Remind attendees that they can access the event page and network with their phones (before and during the event) in your Welcome talk
  • Leave some content that is only accessible through the mobile app

After the Event ideas

  • Apart from the survey, link your event to a community so all your attendees will become part of that community. See the Community post to see how it works.