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On the emails and some modules you would see the following text editor: 

From this editor you can: 

  • Upload html code or write plain text
  • Modify the style of the text by changing the colour, font, background colour, size, format, etc. 
  • Create columns
  • Add images
  • Insert a table
  • etc. 

If you want to insert an image you have different options: 

  • Add an image from the web using it's URL: 

  • Upload an image from your computer: 

Remember once you have chosen the image to use, click on the 'Send it to the Server' button.

Once you have added the image, you can modify some of it's properties. For example adding a title, changing the size or alignment of the picture. 

If you want to use the image as a "button", go on to the second tab where you can make it clickable: 

Add the URL where the user will be redirected once they click on the image and select how this URL should be opened. To be sure the people do not leave your site, we recommend to use "New Window" option, this way a new tab of the browser will open. 

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