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Access by mousing over the left side of your screen. Depending on your level of rights, you will see more or less options. All options are as follows:

  • Community/s: You can create as many Communities as you need.
  • Profile: Add, edit and remove information on your profile. This includes modifying your account settings, deleting your account and seeing your LinkedIn connections on the platform if you registered using the LinkedIn option.
  • My Events: Dashboard with your Upcoming, Past and Draft events. There are also a couple of analytics about Returning Attendees and Industries they are coming from. Only visible for Event Organisers profiles. By clicking on each event, you will access each Event Dashboard to manage them.
  • ADMIN: If you are the Admin user, you will find Analytics in this section enabling you to download data and have direct access to all Events and all Users. Only visible for the ADMIN profile.
  • 1-2-1 meetings: An area to organise your agenda and for arranging meetings with other attendees.
  •  Admin 1-2-1: Set up the 1-2-1 configuration.
  • FAQ: If you have any question please check the FAQs or contact your account manager.